Links to Examples of Junior Class Wikis

To develop your own wiki
Wikis for educators

To add new pages use the edit navigation link at the bottom of the navigation bar. Type in Home, highlight, click on the link tool, and click OK to link to the home page. Press the enter key, type in the name for your next page, highlight and click the link tool. Click OK to create and link a page by that name.

When you have all the pages you want at the moment, save this page. These pages will appear in your navigation. The links will turn blue once you begin creating content on the page.

To change colours of the surrounds etc, go to Manage space -> Look and feel.

Membership and permissions are also dealt with in this space.

Have fun creating your first wiki for your class.

To access tutorials on wikis and other web 2.0 tools go to - follow the Collaborative cauldron:Blogs and wikis link. You will find presentations of teachers talking about their use of wikis, and at the lower part of the page, you will find tutorials and links to sites to get started on developing wikis.