Web 2.0 Tools are Great for Juniors

Web 2.0 tools have been designed to be very easy to use, which makes them perfect for juniors. They also make our kids' work accessible to that wide audience of interested people - parents, grand parents, aunts and uncles, family friends and other junior class children. So have a go today. You can check out more of the background to this in my ULearn08 presentation in the relevant tab of this wiki.

So to get started have a browse and play in these links

Web 2.0 help sites

ICT PD Online "Time 4 Online Conference" at http://time4online.org.nz
Or see Suzie Vesper’s wiki at http://learningweb2.wikispaces.com/


http://blog.com http://www.blogger.com http://www.edublog.com
Helpful hints see http://cogsforblogs.blogspot.com/ http://bling4yrblog.blogspot.com/
Examples http://northcote3.blogspot.com/ http://www.mrsryanmuritai.blogspot.com/
http://room3muritai.blogspot.com/ http://mrsskiltonsblog.blogspot.com/
http://appleby-waimea.blogspot.com/ http://moutere.blogspot.com/
http://www.kahurangi-school.blogspot.com/ Room 9 Sacred Heart School


Wikis for educators
http://www.wikispaces.com/site/for/teachers/100k For subsequent wikis use http://www.wikispaces.com/t/x/teachers100K
Examples http://mic-whakarongo.wikispaces.com/Junior+Goals+and+Examples
http://muritaischoolroom1.wikispaces.com/ http://nepekerau.wikispaces.com/
http://pauapeople.wikispaces.com/Hat+Quest http://room10kina.wikispaces.com/

Voice Thread

Examples http://juniorclasses.wikispaces.com/PLAY

Other Photo and picture slideshows

Turn photos into a slideshow with Bubbleshare http://bubbleshare.com
Suzie’s How to Wiki page http://learningweb2.wikispaces.com/Bubbleshare
Examples http://moturoa.blogspot.com/2006/09/bubbles.html
Upload made presentations with Slideshare http://slideshare.net

Glogster online posters

Glogster for embedding online posters into sites http://www.glogster.com/
View Jess’s how to video in Suzie’s wiki at http://learningweb2.wikispaces.com/Glogster

Webspiration - online version of Inspiration

The functionality of Inspiration but this is a beta version online http://www.mywebspiration.com/


Check out my public page at http://www.netvibes.com/jillhammonds#General and particularly the Juniors Page tab to see how this can create a great homepage for your class as the launch point for all internet use.

Social Bookmarking

Twitter Network - for instant help
To access on your computer search for Twitterific and download - this will create pop up windows when people send tweets. You can turn these off temporarily on the spanner tool